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Battery-Free Christmas

We recently came to the realization that the toys our girls play with the most are the ones that require them to use their imaginations rather than push a button. A friend shared a quote with me that I could not agree with more:  "the more the toy does, the less your kid does". With this new philosophy in mind, we decided to do a "battery-free Christmas" for our girls. The toys that have gotten the most play since Christmas (by children and adults) have definitely been our Picasso Tiles! I knew I wanted to add some magnetic tiles to our collection of toys, but I was overwhelmed by the different options and price points. I did an embarrassing amount of research before finally settling on Picasso Tiles which seemed like the best quality for price. After several weeks of play, I can tell that these tiles are going to last for many, many years. They are solid and make sturdy structures. In addition to the regular tiles , there are lots of cool, afforda

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