Meet the Family

Caleb is in his final year of family medicine residency. He works his tushy off to provide for his family yet still manages to be an involved, loving Dad. The second he gets home from work, he packs the girls up and takes them for bike rides, evenings at the public pool, or throws a dance parties in the living room so that Melissa can cook dinner in peace. Caleb enjoys playing piano, the New England Patriots, and spending time with his family. They broke the mold when they made this brilliant and compassionate man.


Melissa works hard taking care of her girlies. She dreams of one day being able to afford nice shampoo and some laying hens. Melissa enjoys cooking, audiobooks, and taking pictures.  She started running after Maddie was born and has enjoyed the quiet time this provides.


Rosalie is a sassy and silly 4 year old.  Her interests are dancing, riding the bus to school, and traipsing around the outdoors. Caleb and Melissa found out before Rosie was born that she would come to them with at extra 21st chromosome. What they didn't know was how loving, mischievous and feisty she would be! This little girl works hard and is going to do great things. Wait and see what she is capable of!


Madeleine is a sweet little firecracker. She loves animals, twirling around to the Batman theme song, and practicing animal noises. This little lady is obsessed with her mommy and is the best partner in crime for running errands. Maddie is a little smarty and watching her learn and grow at a breakneck pace is something special. We love this little 46-er (46 chromosomes, haha)! Watch out world, Madeleine is coming!


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