Tuesday, April 23, 2013

36 Week Appointment Update

This morning, we had our weekly appointment in Portland.  The ultrasound showed that Rosalie has dropped to the 7th percentile for growth and is around 5 lbs.  This means that we are now going to have to come in for ultrasounds twice a week instead of just once a week.  As long as she doesn't drop too much further and everything else keeps looking good (blood flow, fluid, etc.), the plan is to be induced around May 13 or 14 (in the 39th week).  Otherwise, if something doesn't look good on our biweekly ultrasounds, the doctors may decide that she will be safer in the real world than in my belly. Dr. Wax told us that we should come to all of the appointments with my packed hospital bag in the car.  This way, if they plan on admitting me to the hospital right away for induction, we are ready to go.

We feel very comfortable with the doctors at Maine Medical Center and the plan for Rosalie.  It is starting to hit us that she could arrive any day now!  We are very excited to meet our little girl!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

36 Weeks

Rosalie's Cute Little Foot!

Massive 36 Week Bump!

General Update:
Sorry for the delay in posting an update!  Caleb and I are pretty much settled into our new place!  :) I have been quite busy washing baby clothes and unpacking, but that should start slowing down soon.  Caleb hasn't had much of a life because he has been extremely busy studying for his board exam.  Studying from dawn until well past dusk everyday is starting to take it's toll on him.  He has a full blown case of what I like to call the "study crazies".  It's causing him to be restless, have a hard time holding a conversation about anything that is not medical, etc.  Haha.  It's pretty entertaining!  Thankfully, for his sanity, his boards are tomorrow!!  I'm so excited to have him all to myself for a couple weeks before he starts his third year of medical school at Maine Medical Center.  And who knows, maybe our little Rosalie will decide that she wants to join us and have some quality time as a family before dad goes back to school!  Friday of this week I will be 37 weeks, which is technically full term.  I plan on doing everything possible from that point forward to get her to come out ASAP!  :)

Last week, we met with a neonatologist at Maine Med and he was WONDERFUL!  He assured us that since Rosie was prenatally diagnosed and since, to our knowledge, she doesn't have a heart condition, there is should be no reason that she would have to be taken out of the delivery room right after she is born.  That means we can keep her in there with us right after she is born for some family bonding.  This was such great news!  He also talked to us about babies with Down syndrome sometimes having difficulty feeding.  If this is the case, she may need a stay in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) or continuing care unit (CCU) for a while.  This is something we won't know until she gets here, though, so there is no point in stressing about it.

36 Week Baby

Baby Update:
-Her liver and kidneys are good to go!-
-Circulation and immune system all systems go!-
-Skin is getting smooth and soft-
-Gums are getting rigid-
-Hearing is fully developed-

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Officially Back in Maine!

I'm thrilled to report that Caleb and I are officially back in the state of Maine!  Thanks to the help of our parents, siblings, and friends, we were able to pack up our UHaul in Boston on Saturday morning and unload it Saturday afternoon in Yarmouth!  There is still some unpacking to do, but that is something I can work on slowly while Caleb is studying for his boards.

Heading out of the city!  Note the people waiting for the train.  No more train for me!

Caleb in the UHaul behind us.

Our new home :) 

 Awesome gift from Seth and Lisa!  A nice jogging stroller!

Sunday, after feeding everyone an Easter lunch, I left Caleb in Yarmouth and headed up to Northern Maine to spend the week with my family.  I went to a pink themed soirĂ©e for little Rosalie on Monday.  Caleb's mom had a group of her friends over and they had some nice gifts for our little lady.  I can't wait to bring her to a "Lady's Night Out" sometime this summer and introduce her to everyone!

The incredible glider and foot rest that everyone pitched in to get for us.  This thing is SO comfortable!  I can already imagine rocking little Rosalie and reading to her in this chair.

One of the more memorable gifts I received!  Haha!  It's filled with pictures of hunks and babies with captions like, "Please, tell me one more time, what was the consistency of her poop?"

So much pink food!  Thanks to everyone who brought something!  Especially Mary, who slaved over the pink popcorn all afternoon, haha.

Mismatched socks for the guests to wear :)

There were even mismatched baby socks hanging all over the place :)