Thursday, February 21, 2013

28ish Week Ultrasound and Appointment

Baby Girl's Photo Shoot from Today!
 Sucking her thumb!

 Cute little profile shot!

More thumb sucking action. 


Update from our Appointment
Today we had an ultrasound and appointment with Dr. Critchfield, our Maternal Fetal Medicine doc.  Baby Girl was 2 lbs, which puts her in the 31st percentile.  This is consistent with how she has been growing all along, so it was great news!  Our sonographer today was wonderful and gave us so many pictures!  Out of all of the ultrasounds we have had so far, this was the first time I cried.  We got a really good view of her face and I felt such a strong gush of love that I couldn't help but get emotional!  I can't wait to kiss that little face!!!

We were also told that she still has an echogenic bowel which could be indicative of some gastrointestinal issues, but not necessarily.  Bowel issues are fairly common in babies with Down Syndrome, so it's something that was on our radar already.  If there is indeed an issue, it's not something that we can do anything about right now, so we will have to wait and see when she is born.

Other memorable moments from today's appointment are that I had to do the glucose screening test to check  for gestational diabetes.  The screening involved drinking this sickeningly sweet juice and then having my blood drawn 1 hour later.  The juice was kind of syrupy and tasted like a melted orange Popsicle.  Eww.  Hopefully that test will come back okay!  We were told no news is good news.

Since my blood type is O negative, I had to get another shot of RhoGAM (my third so far in this pregnancy!!) which should hold me over for the rest of my pregnancy.  Baby Girl's blood type will determine whether or not I need another one after she is born.  Basically,my blood is Rh-negative and the RhoGAM helps to suppress my immune system so that my body doesn't mount a response against any Rh-positive blood cells that may or may not be there--it depends on the baby's blood type.  By preventing this immune response, we are protecting any future babies who have Rh-positive blood from being "attacked" by my blood (Rhesus disease).

Another Couple Pictures from Amanda and Evan's Visit

Amanda and Evan at the top of the Prudential Building!

Monday, February 18, 2013

27 Weeks Along

27 Week Bump

General Update:
Thursday of this week, we have another ultrasound and appointment to monitor how well Baby Girl is growing.  We will make sure to post an update after our appointment.  Hopefully we will have a new picture of our sweet daughter to show you!  I'm hopeful that she's staying right on track.  Last time, she measured a bit small, but still it the acceptable range.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that she's putting some weight on!  I know I sure am!  :)  I think I may have experienced my first Braxton Hicks contractions last week.  It was very brief (under a minute) but it was a definite cramping/tightening sensation.  Hopefully I don't have to deal with those too often!

Amanda and Evan came to visit us in Boston this week.  It started off great with a walk down Newbury Street, lunch at Trident, a stroll through the Boston Common, stops at some important historical locations (site of the Boston Massacre, Granary Burying Ground, Old State House, Faneuil Hall, etc.) and last but not least, cannoli from Mike's Pastry Shop!  At this point, I wanted to take them to see the Old North Church where the lanterns were hung warning how the British were approaching (one if by land, two if by sea), but at this point, Amanda had had enough.  She was NOT feeling well.  We high-tailed it for the train and got home as fast as the Boston public transit system would allow us to.  By the time we got home, we took her temperature and sure enough, she was running a fever of 100.8!  Poor thing.  Now we are all working on nursing her back to health.  Hopefully she feels a bit better by tomorrow night because Caleb and I were planning on taking them to the Top of the Hub for dinner where they could enjoy the beautiful views of Boston from the top of the Prudential Building.

In other news, Caleb and I officially have a place to live in Maine!  Talk about a huge relief!  It was pretty stressful and overwhelming knowing that we were moving so late in my pregnancy and not having a lease signed.  While I am sure there are some things I will miss about the city, I am also beyond excited to be back in Maine, where I will have a washer and dryer in my home!!  No more laundromat or slow train rides to work!!  Oh, and did I mention the dishwasher?!  I'm going to be in heaven!

Baby Rutabaga?

Baby's Development:
-Baby Girl can open and close her eyes and is starting to establish sleeping and waking patterns-
-She can get the hiccups now with all of her breathing practice!-

Now for pictures from Amanda and Evan's Visit!
Waiting for the Green-line with our goodies from Mike's!

Found this at Trident Bookstore.  I thought it was funny!  My French speaking relatives will as well!

Stephanie!  Remind me to give this to you next time I see you!!!  Orange, your favorite color!

We found this sweater at Forever 21.  For those of you who don't know, my husband is a HUGE Star Wars fan.  I contemplated buying it, but decided against it, haha.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

26 Weeks--Baby's First Blizzard!

26 Week Baby Bump in the Blizzard of 2013!

General Update:
We don't have anything new to report on the baby front this week, but wow, what an interesting end to the work week!  Blizzard Nemo gave Caleb a full snow day on Friday and I was able to leave work at noon!  Nothing like an extended weekend!  :)  I'll admit, at first I thought everyone was hyping up this storm for nothing.  After all, we've been through snow storms like this in northern Maine plenty of times and the state never banned people from driving!  I quickly learned that 2 feet of snow in northern Maine and 2 feet of snow in Boston are not comparable.  In Maine, there are plenty of places to plow the snow, fewer roads, less traffic, and everyone has their own cars to get around.  In Boston, an enormous amount of people rely on public transportation to get around, so when the trains cannot run due to snow on the tracks, it affects everything.  Not to mention, the snow plows can't keep up with all the roads that need to be plowed and they have nowhere to put the snow!

We had a great time being "snowed in".  We cooked and cleaned.  Caleb studied, I knitted.  It was great!  I tried to make an effort to be more productive by gathering our laundry, but wouldn't you know, the laundromat was closed.  Too bad!  Haha.  You would've thought that Caleb had never seen snow before.  He took frequent excursions outside during the blizzard to see how things were progressing.  :)  I couldn't have asked for a better weekend!

Our Daughter, the Head of Lettuce, at 26 Weeks.

Baby Girl's Development This Week:
-She has eyelashes!-
-Inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid (practice for when she breathes air for the first time!)-
-The nerves in her ears are more developed so she's listening to us very closely now-

More Pictures from Blizzard Nemo!
We had a delicious dinner of "herbs de Provence orange roasted chicken" with roasted red potatoes, zucchini, and summer squash.

Caleb, professional "weather watcher", was impossible to keep inside!!  He wanted to be where the action was!

I joined Caleb for one of his many excursions into the eye of the blizzard.

When we woke up this morning, we had a surprise in our kitchen.  The snow drifted and piled up on our fire escape!  Never thought I'd see that in a 3rd floor apartment!

Baby Girl made out like a bandit during this blizzard!  The storm gave me time to work on the sweater I've been knitting her.  This is my first attempt at knitting something that is not a square or rectangle.

Caleb took another few excursions outside today.  This is a picture of the cars on our street.

There was a driving ban in all of Massachusetts Friday evening and most of the day Saturday.  It was strange to have no cars in sight and to see people walking up and down Harvard Ave in the middle of the road.

Caleb checked up on my car which was buried.

Thankfully, he went against my advice and bought a shovel Friday before the storm started.  It came in handy!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

25 Weeks

25 Week Bump (P.S.  Those are my pre-pregnancy jeans!  Woohoo!)

General Update:
A few exciting updates from the past week (at least for me, anyway).  A stranger (AKA a nice little old lady) offered me their seat on the train for the first time!  I declined, but it was still exciting to know that a stranger was able to tell that I'm pregnant!  Another piece of good news is that at her ultrasound this week, Baby Girl was weighing in at 1 lb 5 oz.  This is a little on the small side, but still in the healthy range!  :)  We were so glad to hear that she is growing well.

I've heard a lot of people talk about having weird dreams during their pregnancies.  I haven't really noticed anything crazy yet, but Caleb is definitely having strange dreams!  Last night, he dreamed that he was a Quidditch coach for the Netherlands, or something.  He told me this while we were eating breakfast this morning.  He then went on to tell me how much he wished he could go back to this dream world for a few minutes to see if his team won or not.  The only thing that has happened to me while sleeping is KILLER calf cramps.  This week I woke up in the middle of the night and sat bolt upright in bed with what felt like a charlie horse in my calf.  It was SO painful.  Hopefully that doesn't become a habit.

In other news, we are starting to solidify our plans for moving back to Maine.  We've decided that it's a better idea to move around April 1st instead of May 1st.  Being settled earlier will allow us to establish care before the baby joins us.

Baby At 25 Weeks

Update On Baby Girl
-Baby has a sense of equilibrium (she can tell which way is up and which is down)-
-She't putting on some more fat and growing more hair-