26 Weeks--Baby's First Blizzard!

26 Week Baby Bump in the Blizzard of 2013!

General Update:
We don't have anything new to report on the baby front this week, but wow, what an interesting end to the work week!  Blizzard Nemo gave Caleb a full snow day on Friday and I was able to leave work at noon!  Nothing like an extended weekend!  :)  I'll admit, at first I thought everyone was hyping up this storm for nothing.  After all, we've been through snow storms like this in northern Maine plenty of times and the state never banned people from driving!  I quickly learned that 2 feet of snow in northern Maine and 2 feet of snow in Boston are not comparable.  In Maine, there are plenty of places to plow the snow, fewer roads, less traffic, and everyone has their own cars to get around.  In Boston, an enormous amount of people rely on public transportation to get around, so when the trains cannot run due to snow on the tracks, it affects everything.  Not to mention, the snow plows can't keep up with all the roads that need to be plowed and they have nowhere to put the snow!

We had a great time being "snowed in".  We cooked and cleaned.  Caleb studied, I knitted.  It was great!  I tried to make an effort to be more productive by gathering our laundry, but wouldn't you know, the laundromat was closed.  Too bad!  Haha.  You would've thought that Caleb had never seen snow before.  He took frequent excursions outside during the blizzard to see how things were progressing.  :)  I couldn't have asked for a better weekend!

Our Daughter, the Head of Lettuce, at 26 Weeks.

Baby Girl's Development This Week:
-She has eyelashes!-
-Inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid (practice for when she breathes air for the first time!)-
-The nerves in her ears are more developed so she's listening to us very closely now-

More Pictures from Blizzard Nemo!
We had a delicious dinner of "herbs de Provence orange roasted chicken" with roasted red potatoes, zucchini, and summer squash.

Caleb, professional "weather watcher", was impossible to keep inside!!  He wanted to be where the action was!

I joined Caleb for one of his many excursions into the eye of the blizzard.

When we woke up this morning, we had a surprise in our kitchen.  The snow drifted and piled up on our fire escape!  Never thought I'd see that in a 3rd floor apartment!

Baby Girl made out like a bandit during this blizzard!  The storm gave me time to work on the sweater I've been knitting her.  This is my first attempt at knitting something that is not a square or rectangle.

Caleb took another few excursions outside today.  This is a picture of the cars on our street.

There was a driving ban in all of Massachusetts Friday evening and most of the day Saturday.  It was strange to have no cars in sight and to see people walking up and down Harvard Ave in the middle of the road.

Caleb checked up on my car which was buried.

Thankfully, he went against my advice and bought a shovel Friday before the storm started.  It came in handy!


  1. LOVE THIS POST!!!! I appreciate the comparison of blizzards in Northern Maine and blizzards in Boston. I also appreciate that you didn't have to work all day on Friday!!!
    Also, I LOVE the knitting. You will be happy to know that I am revisiting the knitting needles. I made several hats. I think Mary Powers is trying one of them on Addilyn so we see if the size might even be close! I use to knit all the time. Sadly, now that mom has passed, I rely on Youtube to remind me of all the complicated parts that Mom would have been able to do with her eyes closed. So far I've only made simple stuff, but am hopeful to get more creative.
    As always, with love beyond measure,
    Mama Swan

  2. Love the snow Melissa! So jealous! Here in Alabama we think slight flurries are cause for PANIC!! HA!!! If there is even a threat of snow, everyone goes to the store…buys milk and bread (what?!?!?!?)…schools close….businesses close….we completely shut down! We don't know how to handle it!

    I SOOOOOO want to learn to knit one day! Our oldest little girl has been taking a class and she is doing great! Maybe she will teach me one day!

    Your little girl is moving right along…..LETTUCE! :-) Can't wait to see her little face! Over half way there Momma!!! Stay warm!!


    1. Thanks so much for your message Jenifer! I hope you don't mind that I added your blog link to my blog!

      I went through your posts with my husband the other night and we found it very comforting to read through the section that describes Neely's hospital stay during her heart surgery. Reading about your experiences and looking at your pictures were invaluable in preparing us for that whole process!

      Thank you for reaching out!

    2. Not at all!!! :-) I found so much comfort too in searching out other blogs after Neely was born! So thankful that we were able to really prepare ourselves because other moms were willing to share their journey…..just like you guys are sharing yours! God bless!

  3. So much fun! I like that sweater! I've gotta get Noah something like that...but I'm not learning to knit! :)

    By the way, I told my wife to connect with you. Did I tell you she is a pediatrician here in Dallas?

    So blessed following your story!! :)

    1. Rick, I'm not going to lie, I got so excited when I saw that you left us a comment! We've been following your blog ever since Caleb and I got our daughter's prenatal diagnosis in December! Your family has celebrity status in our home! :) Whenever you post a new picture of Noah, I show my husband right away. We feel like we know you guys!

      I remember reading that your wife is a pediatrician. Does she have any tips about studying for Step 1 of the boards? Haha!

      I don't think your son could have been blessed with two better parents. You three are an inspiration to us! Noahsdad.com has been a huge blessing and we are so glad that you are sharing your story with us and the world. Thank you!!

    2. Hi Melissa! I too discovered Noah's blog and became a fan! The information is awesome and very useful. My son with DS is 9 months today and he's 1 of the most beautiful babies you can lay your eyes on! My 2 year old son does not have a disability, and my bond with my younger son wasn't any different. I fell in love with both of them equally:) Enjoy your pregnancy, and enjoy discovering the gifts that lie ahead. I don't know if you've heard of Kelly Hampton, but her blog is also very nice. I recommend starting from the birth story of her daughter Nella. Her book "Bloom" helped me out shortly after my son was born (I didn't know he had DS while I was pregnant). I don't read many blogs, but yours caught my attention! I just wanted to tell you that your approach to this pregnancy and challenge that lies ahead is beautiful! You have my support if you ever need it!!

  4. super am happy to see that everything is coming along fine and mel the sweater you made is super cool cant wait to see the little angel in it ty for sharing pic and the updates .........love you all so much xoxooxxo

  5. Love the pictures, and it looks like you did an amazing job with baby girl's sweater, I am very anxious to see it. Love you baby Girl's!!!


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