28ish Week Ultrasound and Appointment

Baby Girl's Photo Shoot from Today!
 Sucking her thumb!

 Cute little profile shot!

More thumb sucking action. 


Update from our Appointment
Today we had an ultrasound and appointment with Dr. Critchfield, our Maternal Fetal Medicine doc.  Baby Girl was 2 lbs, which puts her in the 31st percentile.  This is consistent with how she has been growing all along, so it was great news!  Our sonographer today was wonderful and gave us so many pictures!  Out of all of the ultrasounds we have had so far, this was the first time I cried.  We got a really good view of her face and I felt such a strong gush of love that I couldn't help but get emotional!  I can't wait to kiss that little face!!!

We were also told that she still has an echogenic bowel which could be indicative of some gastrointestinal issues, but not necessarily.  Bowel issues are fairly common in babies with Down Syndrome, so it's something that was on our radar already.  If there is indeed an issue, it's not something that we can do anything about right now, so we will have to wait and see when she is born.

Other memorable moments from today's appointment are that I had to do the glucose screening test to check  for gestational diabetes.  The screening involved drinking this sickeningly sweet juice and then having my blood drawn 1 hour later.  The juice was kind of syrupy and tasted like a melted orange Popsicle.  Eww.  Hopefully that test will come back okay!  We were told no news is good news.

Since my blood type is O negative, I had to get another shot of RhoGAM (my third so far in this pregnancy!!) which should hold me over for the rest of my pregnancy.  Baby Girl's blood type will determine whether or not I need another one after she is born.  Basically,my blood is Rh-negative and the RhoGAM helps to suppress my immune system so that my body doesn't mount a response against any Rh-positive blood cells that may or may not be there--it depends on the baby's blood type.  By preventing this immune response, we are protecting any future babies who have Rh-positive blood from being "attacked" by my blood (Rhesus disease).

Another Couple Pictures from Amanda and Evan's Visit

Amanda and Evan at the top of the Prudential Building!


  1. Yay for a great appointment and LOVE the precious baby pictures!!! Man do I despise that glucose test! Have a great weekend ya'll! :-)


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