27 Weeks Along

27 Week Bump

General Update:
Thursday of this week, we have another ultrasound and appointment to monitor how well Baby Girl is growing.  We will make sure to post an update after our appointment.  Hopefully we will have a new picture of our sweet daughter to show you!  I'm hopeful that she's staying right on track.  Last time, she measured a bit small, but still it the acceptable range.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that she's putting some weight on!  I know I sure am!  :)  I think I may have experienced my first Braxton Hicks contractions last week.  It was very brief (under a minute) but it was a definite cramping/tightening sensation.  Hopefully I don't have to deal with those too often!

Amanda and Evan came to visit us in Boston this week.  It started off great with a walk down Newbury Street, lunch at Trident, a stroll through the Boston Common, stops at some important historical locations (site of the Boston Massacre, Granary Burying Ground, Old State House, Faneuil Hall, etc.) and last but not least, cannoli from Mike's Pastry Shop!  At this point, I wanted to take them to see the Old North Church where the lanterns were hung warning how the British were approaching (one if by land, two if by sea), but at this point, Amanda had had enough.  She was NOT feeling well.  We high-tailed it for the train and got home as fast as the Boston public transit system would allow us to.  By the time we got home, we took her temperature and sure enough, she was running a fever of 100.8!  Poor thing.  Now we are all working on nursing her back to health.  Hopefully she feels a bit better by tomorrow night because Caleb and I were planning on taking them to the Top of the Hub for dinner where they could enjoy the beautiful views of Boston from the top of the Prudential Building.

In other news, Caleb and I officially have a place to live in Maine!  Talk about a huge relief!  It was pretty stressful and overwhelming knowing that we were moving so late in my pregnancy and not having a lease signed.  While I am sure there are some things I will miss about the city, I am also beyond excited to be back in Maine, where I will have a washer and dryer in my home!!  No more laundromat or slow train rides to work!!  Oh, and did I mention the dishwasher?!  I'm going to be in heaven!

Baby Rutabaga?

Baby's Development:
-Baby Girl can open and close her eyes and is starting to establish sleeping and waking patterns-
-She can get the hiccups now with all of her breathing practice!-

Now for pictures from Amanda and Evan's Visit!
Waiting for the Green-line with our goodies from Mike's!

Found this at Trident Bookstore.  I thought it was funny!  My French speaking relatives will as well!

Stephanie!  Remind me to give this to you next time I see you!!!  Orange, your favorite color!

We found this sweater at Forever 21.  For those of you who don't know, my husband is a HUGE Star Wars fan.  I contemplated buying it, but decided against it, haha.


  1. Hope Amanda feels better soon and that her and "Paradise" have a great time in Boston. Sounds like you are hitting all the high spots:)
    The Dark Side shirt would be a CLASSIC.....for you or Caleb.....or Baby Girl.
    Hope the appointment goes well and that Baby Girl is growing. You look GREAT:)
    Thinking good thoughts and praying for good reports.
    Mama Swan


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