36 Week Appointment Update

This morning, we had our weekly appointment in Portland.  The ultrasound showed that Rosalie has dropped to the 7th percentile for growth and is around 5 lbs.  This means that we are now going to have to come in for ultrasounds twice a week instead of just once a week.  As long as she doesn't drop too much further and everything else keeps looking good (blood flow, fluid, etc.), the plan is to be induced around May 13 or 14 (in the 39th week).  Otherwise, if something doesn't look good on our biweekly ultrasounds, the doctors may decide that she will be safer in the real world than in my belly. Dr. Wax told us that we should come to all of the appointments with my packed hospital bag in the car.  This way, if they plan on admitting me to the hospital right away for induction, we are ready to go.

We feel very comfortable with the doctors at Maine Medical Center and the plan for Rosalie.  It is starting to hit us that she could arrive any day now!  We are very excited to meet our little girl!!


  1. So excited for you guys!!!! She's almost here!!!! I am reading this on May 11th and can't wait to hear the latest update!!!!! Praying for an awesome delivery and healthy mommy and baby! Love, Jenifer


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