July Update

I'm sorry that I haven't been better about blogging lately.  Rosalie is keeping me quite busy!  A better way to get daily updates on her is to join our group on Facebook, "A Daily Dose of Rosie".

General Update:

I am amazed with how much Rosalie has grown in the past month; however, she is still quite the peanut.  She hasn't hit the 10 lb mark yet.  One of the most exciting developments is that she smiles socially now!

Rosalie also surprised me the other day during tummy time!  I was so excited to see that she can roll over from her tummy to her back (if all the conditions are right).

Our sweet pea is consistently sleeping anywhere from 8-10 hours through the night.  She wakes up every morning between 5AM-6AM, so my clock is slowly starting to adjust to starting the day earlier!

On the 4th of July, Rosalie made her very first trip to "the County" to visit her grandparents!

4th of July Outfit

First Dip in Madawaska Lake

Checking Out Pepere's John Deere

Health Update:

-2 Month Check-Up-
Rosalie did great at her 2 month check-up with her pediatrician, Dr. Dayle Dewey.  She certainly was NOT a fan of the three shots she had to get, but she calmed down pretty quickly when I picked her up to cuddle her.  It's a little unnerving to hear her cry like that because she has only done it a handful of times since she was born.  Rosalie was still at or under the 1st percentile for weight on the growth curve for typically developing children.  Dr. Dewey referred us to meet with a pediatric ophthalmologist (the American Academy of Pediatrics says this needs to be done before she reaches 6 months of age).

-Genetics Appointment-
Dr. Rosemarie Smith said that Rosalie is doing well for her age.  The best part of this appointment was that she graphed Rosalie's height and weight on a Down syndrome growth curve, rather than a growth curve for typically developing children.  On the Down syndrome growth curve for height and weight, she is at the 50th percentile!  (AKA perfect!)  We are so proud of our little princess!  Dr. Smith also gave us a chart that shows us when we can expect Rosalie to meet her developmental milestones.  I found a table on the National Down Syndrome Society website that shows comparisons of when typical children and children with Down syndrome meet their milestones.  You will notice that the range for children with Down syndrome is much wider than for typical children.

-Orthopaedic Appointment-
We are officially done with double diapering!  After having another ultrasound last week, Dr. Stephen Barr said that her hips are in the normal range and that there is no need for a follow-up visit!  You would think this would save us money, but now it's easier to see when Rosalie has a dirty diaper so we are actually going through more diapers!  :)

-Home Physical Therapy-
Our visiting Physical Therapist, Lisa, thinks that Rosalie is doing AWESOME for her age!  She said that she thinks Rosie will reach her milestones early for a child with Down syndrome!

We had a week where Rosalie was spitting up after almost every single feeding.  A significant amount.  After eating 1 oz, she would push the bottle out of her mouth and gag if I tried to put it back in.  It was to the point where she was gaining very little weight.  I called the doctor about it and we went in for an appointment.  The doctor thought she was having reflux problems and prescribed raniditine.  We give it to her twice a day in her milk and after a little under a week, we saw a difference!  Rosalie is gaining weight again and spitting up much less frequently.


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