Rosie the Riveter

You may not know who Rosie the Riveter is, but my bet is that you will recognize this iconic ad:

During World War II, this ad inspired women by telling them that they too could help the war effort in a very important way.  Many men were in the military, leaving vacancies in factories producing ammunition and war supplies.  Thanks in part to this ad, the number of women filling these vacancies increased drastically.  Rosie the Riveter became a symbol for feminism and good old fashioned girl power.  In short, a repressed group of individuals was able to show the country and world how capable, useful, and important they were!

What better role model could there be for our little Rosalie, and all individuals with Down syndrome?  This is why Caleb and I decided that for her very first Halloween, Rosalie should go as Rosie the Riveter.

Our hope is that this picture of little Rosalie will help to remind the world that individuals with Down syndrome, and other disabilities, can be contributing and productive members of society.  The sooner everyone stops underestimating what this repressed group of individuals has to offer, the sooner we can watch them blossom!

They can do it!


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