Disneyland Trip!

We took a trip to California with our awesome friends, the Secrists at the end of September!  We had a rough start when Caleb and I lost Rosalie's glasses before even leaving the house, but things only went up from there!

The first day, Caleb took Rosalie to the mall to get a new pair of glasses while the rest of us went bowling.  That evening, we went to Huntington Beach.  The waves were pretty intimidating so we didn't do much swimming.  Nevertheless, it was fun for the girls to see the Pacific Ocean for the first time!

Rosie and I spent a lot of time at the beach when we lived in Southern Maine, and this was her first time back to the ocean since then!  She was still just as obsessed with the sand as she had been in Maine, but luckily, she has grown out of eating it!  Ha!

The rest of our time was spent in the most magical place on Earth!  It was so special to visit Disneyland as a parent and to experience the magic through the eyes of our children (okay, mostly Rosie since Maddie was only 5 months old!)  We were there during a mini heat wave and the temperature was in the triple digits!  It got as hot as 109 degrees one day.  You would never have known it based on the kids behavior.  They were all fantastic!  We just did our best to stay hydrated.

Rosalie was most excited to meet Mary Poppins!  She adores that movie!


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