A New Year Brings a New Bed for Rosie!

The New Year is bringing some changes for Rosalie. Yesterday, she got kicked out of her crib and upgraded to a twin bed.

The last night in her crib was a wee bit emotional for me! Moving to a bed just seems like such a huge step and I can't believe my little lady is ready for it. She is growing up so fast! I had to sneak into her bedroom after she was asleep to get some pictures of her sleeping in her crib for the last time.

Her first nap in the big girl bed was a huge bust. She kept getting out, opening her door, and walking out to come find us. We brought her back to bed over and over (probably 30+ times) until we gave up and put her in her crib for a nap.

She had absolutely no trouble going to sleep in her big girl bed at night, though! :)

It was pretty funny to hear her open up her door this morning and walk out of her room laughing hysterically. She loves the independence! We, on the other hand, are not so sure how we feel about it! We've decided to put a baby gate on her door so she can't escape in the middle of the night.


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