23 Week Update

23 Week Bump

General Update:
These past two weeks have been absolutely wonderful.  Caleb and I have fully recovered from the news that our daughter will have Down syndrome.  I don't think we've had one sad day since I wrote the post about getting the news!  Sometimes I wonder if something is wrong with us for accepting the diagnosis as quickly as we have.  I've read that some people feel detached from their growing belly and pregnancy in general.  We haven't had that problem at all!  In fact, this is probably the happiest we've been since we found out I was pregnant!  This morning, while we were laying in bed watching Baby Girl dance in my tummy, we were both overcome with how excited we are to meet her.  We both feel so blessed to be expecting a precious little girl.

In the past two weeks, we've been overwhelmed with the outpouring of support we've received from family, friends, and strangers!  It has been so heartwarming and comforting.  I became a part of a group on Facebook for Maine families who have children with Down syndrome.  People I have never met reached out  to say congratulations and to assure us that their children were the biggest blessings in their lives.  I am so excited to move back to Maine and meet some of these families!  Another blog that I have fallen in love with is noahsdad.com.  Check it out if you get a minute!

This week we have a fetal echocardiogram scheduled for our little one.  This will allow us to get a better look at her heart.  Our fingers are crossed that we will get more good news!  Keep sending your good vibes our way!  We will update you with the results when we get them.

Thank you all for letting us know that you will love our little girl no matter how many chromosomes she has! 

Whoa!  She is getting bigger!!

Update on our Daughter's Development
-Her face is fully formed.  We can't wait to kiss those cheeks!-
-She's listening to our voices and my heartbeat.  Guess I better start reading to her!-


  1. We love you all and are sending the very best wishes from the north.
    Love your posts; keep 'em coming!
    mama swan

  2. Oh my dear! am so so very proud of u both for sharing you're joy and the development of the little angle that we will get to love and cherish as much as u....as long as u stay both positive in this all she will make u so so proud of her,just remember you're not alone....we are behind u!xoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. I am so glad she is putting on a show for you! I am addicted to your blog by the way :-)

  4. Hello! I came across your blog listed on Noah's Dad's website. First, congratulations on your baby girl!! What an amazing gift she is & will be. Our little Sam was born last May and was diagnosed with DS at birth. Your story caught my eye when I noticed med school in the description. My husband is finishing family medicine residency this month. We are currently in Kenya (with Sam & our Ella who is 3 1/2) where we hope to move in two years (after some loans are paid off...yikes). We have a blog, if you'd like to check out what we're up to. littleolsen.blogspot.com.

    Take care and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! Being a mama is one of the most amazing things.


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