Inspirational Song

This song came on the radio when Caleb and I were driving to his parents' home to tell them the news about our daughter having Down syndrome.  It was so comforting and made me cry like a baby!  It feels like it was written for our little girl.  This new journey we've embarked on is somewhere we never dreamed we would go, but it will be a great ride.  Enjoy the song!  :)


  1. The words are PERFECT! I had heard this song many, many times, but never did it mean much more than a little ditty I could sort of sing along. Wow, you made my day with this post:)
    (It's only 7:45 a.m. and the wind is HOWLING in northern warmest hugs from the north country)
    mama swan

  2. Seth and Lisa SwanbergJanuary 20, 2013 at 7:49 AM

    This is such a great song, and so meaningful when we listened to it thinking of you...its perfect, your 'family theme song!'
    Seth and I have started to read 'Down Syndrome Parenting: 101', and it is an INCREDIBLE book, and so inspiring. We are even more excited to be an Aunt and Uncle! It's amazing how the book makes every situation such a positive experience. Seth and I are also going to be volunteering at the special olympics this thursday- very exciting!

    We hope you are both well and in good spirits! We are just a phone call away, so let us know if you need anything at all. We love you.
    Seth and Lisa

  3. Aw , how perfect! Dale is covering this in his winter concert I will think of you when i hear it!

  4. So true Melissa!! Love that song! Read our post about it here!! Great minds think alike! :-)


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