Rosalie is Signing "More"!!

I am so proud of my little girl!  Rosie is about 6.5 months old right now and has been signing "more" for about a week now!  At first, I wasn't sure if she was really signing, but her speech therapist and occupational therapist assured me that she was indeed asking for more food!  It's never too early to start signing and I'm so glad that the occupational therapist encouraged us to start when Rosie was 4 months old.

A common misconception about signing is that it will delay oral language development.  This is not true!  As kiddos become more able to articulate, they replace their signs with spoken words.  I am very excited about Rosalie starting to use and understand sign language.  Since her ability to communicate verbally is going to be delayed, knowing sign language is going to allow her to express her wants and needs.  This is going to make for a much less fussy baby, and much happier parents. 

I would encourage all parents to teach their babies sign language!  To get you started, here are some of the signs that we started doing with Rosalie when she was about 4 months old:


  1. Hi Melissa! I stumbled across your blog (it came up when I did a google image search on myself ha ha!- guess you must have my name in there somewhere) and am so happy to see that you all are doing well! Your little girl is so beautiful (of course you know that!)!!
    All my best - Agatha Critchfield

  2. How did I miss this!!?!?!?! Go Rosalie!!!! Woohooooo!! Smart girl!


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