13 Weeks--Last Week of the 1st Trimester!!!

At 13 weeks pregnant I'm at the tippy tip end of my 1st trimester.  My belly looks smaller than it did last week, which may have something to do with us running out of my pecan pie cheesecake!  Haha!  I am finally starting to feel A LOT better and the nausea is almost nonexistent.  This is a good thing because I've only lost weight since I got pregnant. I need to start putting the pounds back on!!

This week, our little one is about the size of a peach!  It's hard to believe since my belly doesn't look a whole lot different than it did before I was pregnant.  Some exciting developments from this week are that baby Swanberg is forming teeth and vocal cords.  Other news is that they have already formed their fingerprints and their intestines are moving from their umbilical cord into their stomach.

Last week, we had a little scare, but luckily, after a quick ultrasound, we saw Baby S's heart beating strong!!  Phew!!


  1. You look great. Keep up the good work:)


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