16 Weeks

16 weeks pregnant...that means 4 months!  What?!??!?!?  Where has the time gone?  Before you know it, we'll be in the second half of our pregnancy!

It looks like there might be a little bump forming, but it's definitely not enough for people to offer me their seats on the train yet.  I can't wait for that to happen because the half hour train ride into the city does not agree with me in the morning!

Baby Updates:
According to "The Bump" the little one may be able to hear my voice at this point because little bones are forming in their ears.  I guess this means I'd better keep the swearing to a minimum at work now!  Whoopsies!  


  1. You look wonderful! If "his" little ears are forming, now is the time to start classical music:) Hope the GREEN LINE is better to you in the future. Hugs from the north. Mama Swan


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