Second Trimester!!! 14 Weeks!

Check out the cute teddy bear from Auntie Kristen Swanberg Rossi.  You'd never believe it but it's made from 100% recycled bottles!

News from Week 14
We had our second appointment this past week with Dr. Critchfield, who was great!  We tried to listen to the heartbeat using the doppler, but didn't have any luck since my bladder was empty.  Oh well, that meant we had to check with an ultrasound.  You can imagine that we were not too upset about having to take another look at our little one!  He/she was definitely more developed than the last time we saw him/her.  After the appointment, we were able to book the date for the ultrasound which will (hopefully) tell us if Baby Swanberg is a boy or a girl!  Thursday December 13, 2012!!  What a wonderful Christmas gift that will be!

Whoa!  A lemon!?!

How has Baby Swanberg grown since last week?
-Almost doubled in weight!-
-They can suck his/her little thumb and wiggle his/her toes-
-Growing hair!-
-Kidneys are working so he/she is producing urine-


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