Baby Swanberg's Chromosomes!

I just got an image of Baby Girl's karyotype a few days ago!  Maybe it's just the science nerd in me, but how cool is that?!?  My baby has more chromosomes than your baby!  :)

You can clearly see three copies of her 21st chromosome.  You can also see that she is a she because there are two X chromosomes!

I seriously think I'm going to frame this and put it in her nursery with a caption that says, "My extra chromosome makes me extra cute!"


  1. Love that extra chromosome!!!! And a girl!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love my three girls, but I'll warn you…they LOVE their daddies!! HA! Mommies have to work harder with them! :-) Congratulations!!

  2. Lisa and Seth SwanbergMarch 17, 2013 at 5:40 PM

    This is AWESOME!!!!! You should definitely frame this for sure!!!

  3. Hey, am I the only one noticing that the name on the sheet is "Nadeau"????!!!!

    xoxoxo mama swan
    PS: LOVE THIS and YES, it needs to go in the nursery!


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