The R-Word

Photo: Today is the day. We're supporting our national partner, Special Olympics, to help Spread the Word to End the Word. Will you take the pledge?

The word "retarded" has always been associated with individuals who have intellectual disabilities.  Somehow, over the course of time, this word has become a derogatory slang word that people use in everyday conversation to mean slow, stupid, dumb, etc.  Even if you don't mean to, when you use the word retarded, you are calling individuals with intellectual disabilities slow, stupid, dumb, etc.  Understandably, this  is extremely hurtful and insulting to the individuals themselves, as well as their loved ones.

The abuse of this word has gone too far.  The American Medical Association, Social Security Administration, and American Psychiatric Association have all agreed to stop using the phrase "mental retardation" due to the negative connotations that it evokes.  These credible organizations are replacing it with the term "intellectual disability".  You and I should be the next ones to make this change.

Please, join the movement and take the pledge to remove this word from your vocabulary by clicking on the link below.  On this website, you will also find tips about what to do/say when you hear someone say the r-word.


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